Friday, July 17, 2020

Ninja Perception: Understanding Truth in Reality | Ninjutsu Martial Arts Training Techniques (Ninpo)

In this video, I explain what “ninja perception” is, and how to understand the truth within reality. This is a ninja mind control lesson, which helps the practitioners of ninpo better understand how to perceive the same person, place, thing or idea from a different perspective.  Understanding that perception is based off of perspective, and perspective is based off of position, you get a better understanding why people do what they do and what drives them to think as they think.  Getting inside the mind of the target is the skill of the ninja. To be able to gather correct information, you have to be able to think as they think, so you can prepare for what you know they are going to do.  This is a very intricate, deep and advanced technique that I may cover in later videos.
This lesson is directly for the practitioners of the ancient Japanese koryu martial arts of the ninja and samurai, such as ninjutsu (ninpo) and bujutsu (budo).
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